New Video Inspired By Florida’s Governor Cutting Unemployment Benefits

In Florida, Gov. Rick Scott is about to sign a bill into law to cut unemployment insurance. ( This action, which will hurt the people who are hurting most, inspired the making of this video.

Video transcript: Narrator: Florida’s rich natural resources and tourist attractions have long drawn some of the world’s greatest companies to do business in our state. But thanks to Governor Rick Scott and the state legislature, Florida’s business opportunities are now better than ever. Here are three exciting new reasons to do business in the Sunshine State!

Narrator: With a growing number of Florida residents falling into poverty, Governor Rick Scott has turned Medicaid, the public health care safety net for the poor, into a boon for private industry. Private health care companies will have the leeway to limit access to services and reduce benefits.

Narrator: Are you doing business in a state that puts public safety above profits? Then come to the Sunshine State, where facilities for more than 20,000 inmates have been privatized for your profit-seeking pleasure. With more offenders getting locked up each day, there are limitless opportunities for growth. And don’t worry if you don’t have experience in prisoner rehab—repeat offenders are really just loyal customers.

Narrator: Are you stuck in a state where lazy, unemployed workers are sucking your money from government coffers? Is assistance to the jobless sapping your entrepreneurial spirit? Then come to Florida, where Governor Rick Scott has slashed unemployment benefits to fund new corporate tax breaks. With more than 10% of Floridians not finding work, cutting unemployment insurance will provide a nice chunk of change for some much-needed corporate tax breaks.
And that’s just the beginning. With Governor Rick Scott signing dozens of bills backed by the Florida Chamber of Commerce, there’s a lot more for you to get your hands on. So come on down– Rick Scott’s Florida is not good for people, but it’s great for corporations!