New Website Fights Conservatives

WASHINGTON — The Institute for America’s Future today unveiled an enhanced website that provides a one-stop center for progressive analysis and actions on the Web. The new website transforms the award-winning Internet journal into a hub for people interested in cutting-edge progressive issues. The Institute for America’s Future and recently merged to create a powerful progressive center in Washington.

“Progressives are pulling together to counter the right-wing machine that now dominates Washington,” said Institute for America’s Future President Robert Borosage. “The new website will help Americans learn that another way is possible.”

“The new is for busy people who care about progressive politics,” said editor Nick Penniman. “Our award-wining editors will produce visitors with the best of progressive thought and action — culled from print media and across the Internet.” editors plan to scour the publishing world — from newspapers to think tanks and activist groups — and highlight the news, ideas and actions readers need to stay fully informed. In addition to daily opinion pieces and activism alerts, the site will highlight overlooked but newsworthy reporting and new reports from think tanks and advocacy groups.’s signature “Blog of Blogs” will feature the most insightful political blogging of the day and its “Dreyfuss Report” offers a daily progressive analysis of national security issues. has a strong record as a voice of insight and democratic discourse on the Internet. With a weekly readership of 150,000, the site has published more than 8,000 original commentaries and news stories since its founding in 1998 by John Moyers. Its award willing issue-based ads on the opinion editorial page of The New York Times have attracted national acclaim.