WASHINGTON – The Campaign for America’s Future began airing a new radio ad today that urges Rep. Bob Ney, R-Ohio, to address the needs of everyday Ohioans instead of spending his time on gambling deals for Washington lobbyists. The ads heighten the controversy surrounding Rep. Ney, who was accused by Republican radio hosts in his district last week of attempting to intimidate them after they read news reports of him on the air.

The spot airs throughout Rep. Ney’s district until the middle of next week on news talk and adult contemporary radio stations WWVA-AM, WHBC-FM, WTVN-AM, WKOV-FM, and WHTH-AM.

George Kellas, Dave Blomquist and John Blackmore of WKKX-AM in Wheeling, W.Va., which also reaches Rep. Ney’s district, said the representative threatened to investigate their families and personal lives because they reported news about him, according to The Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Rep. Ney is linked to notorious Washington lobbyist Jack Abramoff.  The Campaign for America’s Future ran full-page ads in the two largest daily newspapers in Rep. Ney’s district last month, questioning whether he serves his constituents or the lobbyists who fund his campaigns.

The radio spot is available for listening at here. Text of the ad follows:



Radio :60

(Background audio: Cards shuffling and dealt. Casino sounds. Gambler music.)

Male narrator: One thing you can say about our Congressman Bob Ney, he sure knows how to play the game in Washington. Knows when to hold ’em. Knows when to fold ’em. And he sure knows how to stack the deck for his lobbyist friends.

Female narrator: When a Texas Indian tribe wanted to open a casino, they sent Ney on a luxury trip to Scotland and gave 30,000 dollars to his campaign. Then Bob Ney agreed to back gambling legislation for them.

And when a Washington lobbyist wanted to buy a gambling cruise line in Florida? Ney backed them up on the floor of the House. To thank him, the lobbyist and his wife gave Bob Ney the largest donation allowed by law.

Texas casinos, Florida cruise ships and Washington lobbyists, what about Ohio families? Too many of us are looking for good-paying jobs, stuck with skyrocketing health care bills and rising prices at the gas pump.

Call congressman Ney at 740-452-7023. Tell him it’s time to put down the cards and to start working on Ohio’s future.

Male narrator: Paid for by Campaign for America’s Future, on the web at

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