New Poll Reveals That Voters Want One Thing: It’s Jobs

A new national survey of 2012 presidential-year voters on economic policy, their responses to the White House deficit commission’s recommendations, Social Security and priorities for the new Congress was released by Democracy Corps and the Campaign for America’s Future.

Campaign for America’s Future co-director Robert Borosage commented on the results of the survey, which was conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research:

With Republicans Congressional leaders claiming a mandate to cut spending, and beltway pundits focused on deficit reduction, and the president wooing business, voters are making very clear that they want one top priority – jobs.

Both parties should be on notice: voters are looking for action on jobs. They are looking for a bold strategy to put America’s economy back on track.

And the president and the Republican leaders in Congress should also understand that voters, across the political spectrum, do not want politicians messing with Social Security and Medicare.

If the new Republican majority focuses, as promised, on repealing health care, cutting domestic spending, and cutting Social Security and Medicare, the voters will not be pleased. The president would be well advised to make it clear that he will defend Social Security and Medicare, even as he pushes to get health care costs – and thus deficits – under control.

We urge the President to use the State of the Union to lay out a clear strategy for reviving America, and putting people to work, and show how a vibrant economy is an essential building block of deficit reduction.

The CAF/Democracy Corps poll results are available on Campaign for America’s Future’s website: