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With two weeks to go until the elections, a new 60-second Get Out the Vote radio ad attacks the GOP strategy and reminds voters of the horrors of eight years under Republican rule. In an election where base turnout will be key, the ad, by the Campaign for America’s Future, warns that voting Republican in November will only bring our country back.

The ad highlights the extensive damage Republicans made when they ran the country, and reminds voters it’s going to take the Democratic Party more than two years to fix the mess Republicans created in eight. The ad also highlights the Republicans plan to trash the future of popular programs like Social Security and Medicare if they were to regain control in November.

The ad, released Monday, will air in Cincinnati, Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio; Milwaukee and Madison, Wis.; and Philadelphia, Allegheny and Erie, Pa.

“Voters have no reason to believe that the GOP’s intentions have changed in the last two years. If we give them power again, they’ll still side with corporate interests, ship American jobs overseas, and push to dismantle programs that working Americans depend on, like Social Security and Medicare,” said Roger Hickey, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future. “If American’s don’t vote Democratic this November, we’re handing power back to the very same people who got us into this mess in the first place.”

Ad script:

Think about what Republicans did when they ran our country.
They brought us to the brink of financial disaster.
Republican policies resulted in millions of lost jobs.
They allowed Wall Street and the banks to get out of control.
They let credit card companies charge us abusive interest rates and hidden late fees.
They protected health insurance companies as our premiums went up and our coverage went down.

They squandered a budget surplus and left us with a deficit.
Now Republicans are getting ready to trash Social Security and Medicare,
As if eight years of damage weren’t enough, they want to trash our future.
The huge mess they created over eight years can’t be fixed in two.
Protect our American values. Don’t let Republicans take us back.
Don’t forget what they did to us.
Vote on November 2 or by absentee.
America’s future depends on it.
Paid for by the Campaign for America’s Future.

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