Leaders Call On Gop U.s. Reps. To Make Their Values Clear Before The Election

WASHINGTON – Rep. Chris Bell, D-Texas, today joined progressive leaders on a conference call with reporters to ask Republican U.S. Representatives to make their values clear before the election, calling on them to oust Majority Leader Tom DeLay. The Campaign for America’s Future last week called on Republicans to oust Rep. DeLay from this leadership post following rulings from the House Ethics Committee on charges of illegal conduct filed in June by Rep. Bell.

Rep. Bell asked Rep. DeLay to do the right thing for America and to step down as majority leader of the House of Representatives.

“When the majority leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, one of the highest elected offices in this country, is involved in unethical activity, it is simply too important to gloss over. It is too damaging to ignore,” said Rep. Bell. “Tom DeLay is a habitual offender who has broken the trust of the American people, lost the faith of his colleagues and severely damaged this institution.”

Campaign for America’s Future Co-Director Robert Borosage called on Republican representatives across the country to take a stand on the House charges leveled against DeLay before the election.

“This is a test of the integrity of the Republican Party,” said Borosage. “Tom DeLay has created the most corrupt Congress in recent history and Republican representatives who elected him have to decide if they stand with DeLay or decency.”

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Executive Director and former federal prosecutor Melanie Sloan also joined the call. Sloan made it clear that Rep. DeLay’s unprecedented admonishments make him unfit to serve as Majority Leader.

“Mr. DeLay’s ability to get away with so much for so long appears to have completely decimated his ability to tell right from wrong,” said Sloan. “If the Republican majority wants the American people to believe that it takes ethics seriously, it must insist that Mr. DeLay resign his post.”

The Campaign for America’s Future also announced the launch of an initiative to enlist citizens across the country to sign a petition calling for Majority Leader DeLay’s removal.

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