Hickey Available For Interviews On Economic Stimulus

Coalition says White House Economic Stimulus Proposal Is Irresponsible, Ineffective and Risky.

Roger Hickey is spokesman for progressive stimulus plan – uniting public interest groups, labor around an alternative to Bush’s repackaging of old proposals that aid the wealthy and provide no significant stimulus.

Available for comment on the economic stimulus plans: …

ROGER HICKEY is currently co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future and leads a coalition of over 70 national organizations that have come together to formulate a progressive plan for growth and jobs.

Mr. Hickey writes (in an article appearing in this week’s The Nation Magazine):

The Bush economic proposals are a sham. They make the tax system more unfair, they starve the public sector of resources for needed public investment, and they will not revive growth, spur corporate investment, or create jobs.

We have to make sure the Democratic party fights for a plan for jobs and economic growth that Americans will see as a real alternative to the Bush program of tax cuts for the rich and the corporations. It is up to progressives to let our fellow Americans know that they have a choice – and to inform them about the society-shaping implications.

 This time progressive groups are not waiting for Democrats.

The Progressive Stimulus Plan set of principles includes:

  • a “wage bonus” tax cut- targeting middle and low-income workers;
  • direct aid to the states;
  • extend unemployment insurance;
  • invest in public needs- like school instruction.

(For more details on the plan, written Lawrence Mishel of the Economic Policy Institute, see www.epinet.org.)

To interview Roger Hickey on the White House, Democratic and Progressive plans contact Tasha Spindler at 202/955-5665.