Harkin Rebuild America Act Would Help Remedy What Ails America

Washington, DC – The Campaign for America’s Future’s Robert L. Borosage commends Senator Tom Harkin for his leadership in introducing a bill to restore the Middle Class in America: the Rebuild America Act.

Statement from Robert L. Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future:

“Senator Harkin’s Rebuild America Act offers strong medicine for what ails America – and a stunning rebuke both to those who say we can’t afford to invest in our future and to those who would cut vital investments to the bone.

“Harkin’s bill is common sense. If we want to rebuild the American middle class and revive the American Dream, we have to invest in areas vital to our future – a modern infrastructure, modernizing our schools, investing in education and training for 21st century jobs. And we have to be serious about a national manufacturing strategy so we make things in America once more. And, as Harkin’s bill shows; we can afford to do this, with sensible and fair tax reform.

“This common sense approach to investing in the future for our country would help us revive opportunity and the core American promise –the idea that any kid willing to work will have the opportunity to grow up and make it in America.”