Dr. Jacob Hacker Discusses Growing Economic Insecurity At “the Great Risk Shift” Book Event

WASHINGTON – Yale University professor and author Dr. Jacob Hacker discussed the growing economic insecurity facing working families today at a packed briefing to talk about his new book, “The Great Risk Shift.” The event was sponsored by the Campaign for America’s Future. Dr. Hacker’s book describes the increased responsibilities corporations and governments have shifted onto the shoulders of individuals regarding health care, retirement, education and recovery from job loss in America.

“Our leaders say our economy is strong and getting stronger, but for most Americans it has only grown more insecure,” said Dr. Hacker. “They speak about an ownership society, private savings accounts and how we will be free to choose. The ownership society is like offering a lead weight to a drowning man on the assumption that now he will have a real incentive to learn how to swim.”

Dr. Hacker’s book contains a broad outline of a bold, new plan to provide health care coverage for all Americans as a key step to creating an economy that works for working people. With the health care crisis in America driving growing insecurity, Dr. Hacker’s proposal would rapidly get all Americans covered.

The Campaign for America’s Future helped Dr. Hacker develop his health care proposal, which would guarantee choice through either traditional private insurance or a new public system that would provide coverage for all. A complete, detailed version of the plan will be published in January by the Economic Policy Institute as part of their Agenda for Shared Prosperity project.

Campaign for America’s Future co-director Roger Hickey announced at today’s event that his organization is working with a broad range of other groups to move a national debate around Dr. Hacker’s plan. Hickey said his goal is to build a groundswell of support for Dr. Hacker’s health plan because it is simple, easy to understand, comprehensive and affordable for all.

“In an era of growing economic uncertainty, and with more and more risk shifting on individuals and families, now is the time to be talking about a new social contract,” said Hickey. “If we want an economy where people are free to take risks and create wealth, we need to make sure people have more, not less, economic security.”

A post-election analysis by the Campaign for America’s Future found that beyond the president’s failed war policy in Iraq, the midterm elections were also about growing economic insecurity.

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**NOTE: For more information about Dr. Hacker’s new book, “The Great Risk Shift,”please visit  www.thegreatriskshift.com.**