Campaign for America’s Future’s Robert Borosage is Named a “Top Wonk” on the Economy

The Campaign for America’s Future is proud to announce that Robert Borosage has been selected by a distinguished committee of his peers as one of the best economic thinkers in the country – a Top Wonk on the economy. At a time when public discourse is frequently corrupted by false scholarship, flawed theory, and ideological fervor, Robert Borosage has been identified as a thinker committed to intellectual innovation and analytical rigor and one with a unique ability to contribute to the public debate. This exclusive honor was conferred on fewer than 100 economic thinkers and is symbolized by Robert Borosage’s inclusion in the Top Wonks volume and site.

Robert Borosage joins Joseph Stiglitz (Former Chairman of the Council on Economic Advisers), James Galbraith (Chair in Government and Business Relations at the University of Texas), Brooksley Born [Chair, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission], Kemal Dervis (former Minister of Economic Affairs for the Republic of Turkey), Nouriel Roubini (former Senior Economist for the White House Council of Economic Advisers), and Jeffrey Sachs (Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University) among other economic thinkers.