Campaign for America’s Future Urges Congress to Act on Jobs Now

Washington, DC – Statement from Campaign for America’s Future’s co-director Robert Borosage following President Obama’s jobs speech:

“We support President’s call for immediate action on jobs. The crisis is clear; Washington must act. The President’s plan features elements that traditionally have received bipartisan support. Nothing should stop the Congress from acting immediately. If Republicans choose to obstruct action now, it will lay bare their apparent willingness to trade on the misery of unemployed families for potential partisan political gain. We urge the President to take his case to the American people and make it clear who is standing in the way.

“While a fair test of Republican intentions, the President’s plan offers only a first step in what must be done to put the 25 million unemployed and underemployed Americans back to work. Far more must be done if we are to put America back on track.

“Progressive activists will gather from across the country at the Take Back the American Dream conference on October 3 to 5 to map a plan for mobilizing an independent American Dream Movement that will fight for an economy that works for working people. We are not going to let a city addled by money politics, entrenched interests and failed ideas destroy the middle class and drive this country apart.”