Campaign for America’s Future, MoveOn and Rebuild the Dream Launch New “Contract for American Dream”

Washington, DC — Campaign for America’s Future, and Rebuild the Dream announced the new Contract for the American Dream. The Contract, born out of the new American Dream Movement, is a progressive economic vision crafted by 125,000 Americans who came together online and in their communities, and put forth ideas to get the economy back on track. Members of the American Dream Movement will take the Contract directly to Congress during the August recess to demand “Jobs Not Cuts,” beginning with hundreds of actions around the country on August 10th. Then the American Dream Movement will join with the Campaign for America’s Future and organize activists to implement an action plan for the ten point plan at the Take Back the American Dream Conference in Washington, DC, October 3 to 5

“Corporate interests and conservative ideologues have distorted our politics, and are destroying the broad middle class that made America special. The American Dream is in peril,” said Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future. “People who want jobs and a secure retirement need to speak up and demand that politicians do right by them or nothing will change. Now Americans are coming together to draft the Contract for the American Dream and to build a movement that can challenge failed ideas and corrupted politics. The Contract is a roadmap for a brighter future for this country. Infrastructure, green jobs and better schools are what Americans clearly want and need. Let’s demand that job creation is the most important thing we want from Washington. If we join together, as MoveOn, Campaign for America’s Future and the American Dream Movement and many other allied organizations have, we can save the American dream. In October at the Take Back the American Dream Conference, citizen activists will come together to map a strategy for going forward.”

View the Contract here:

The American Dream Movement inspired 27,000 people to attend 1,600 house parties across the country to help craft the Contract for the American Dream. Two weeks ago, more than 25,000 Americans held 800 rallies across the country to protest the final debt deal that fails to create jobs and make millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. The American Dream Movement is a growing movement inspired by protests in Wisconsin and fueled by the brutal right-wing attacks on the middle class and on low income Americans. Campaign for America’s Future, and Rebuild the Dream, along with allied organizations, have joined the American Dream Movement to fight to ensure that Americans have the opportunity to find a decent job, afford to go to college, and secure a future for our children and our communities.