CAF’s Roger Hickey Praises President for Listening to the People on Medicare

Washington, DC –Campaign for America’s Future’s co-director Roger Hickey commented on media reports that the President’s plan will include new jobs, fair taxation of millionaires and billionaires and no cuts to vital programs.
Statement from Campaign for America’s Future’s co-director Roger Hickey:

“If the news reports are accurate, President now has a plan he can take to the American people to re-invigorate our country and get America back to work. If the plan is what was described in the Wall Street Journal’s report Sunday evening, it includes raising the tax rates on millionaires and billionaires and it protects vulnerable and sick Americans from draconian cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. This plan will be popular with the voters, although Washington’s corporate lobbyists might not like it.

“For months, organizations representing working people and retirees have been urging the President to listen to the American majority, who want jobs, not cuts to vital programs.

“The President has listened to the people. He is pushing for jobs and growth now – the number one priority of Americans. His deficit reduction plan will spur economic growth because it puts Americans back to work, and it will turn the unemployed into taxpayers.

“We are delighted to praise the President for strongly defending Social Security and Medicare. Over the longer term, America must further reform a wasteful health care system, but the President knows reforms do not involve cutting Medicare benefits or raising the age of eligibility.

“Combined, the President has laid out a program that he can take to the American people – and if the Super Committee does not embrace it – the voters certainly will in 2012.”

Thousands of progressive activists are coming to Washington, DC on October 3 to 5 for the Take Back the American Dream conference to send a clear message that we want jobs, not cuts to vital programs.