Bush Failing Schools, Not Providing Resources

WASHINGTON — President Bush touted his education policies today while tens of thousands of people gathered in communities across the country to hold the White House and Congress accountable for breaking their promises on education and to make providing great public schools for our children a top priority.

The President and Congress shortchanged the No Child Left Behind law, special education and other programs by more than $20 billion this year. The President has a plan to cut education funding across the board in his first budget after the election, according to a memorandum leaked from the White House Office of Management and Budget.


The President’s policies leave no millionaire behind, but abandon millions of children. George W. Bush’s education policies are failing schools without providing the resources needed to fix the problems.

We are failing to provide too many children with the basics. Most Americans want greater investment in education so we can insure that every child gets a first rate education.

Tens of thousands of parents and teachers are gathering in homes, church basements, schools and community centers at nearly 4,000 meetings today. The largest mobilization for public schools ever has one simple demand: that the President and Congress fix their broken promises to educate the next generation of children.

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