Borosage Defends Teachers From White House Attack

WASHINGTON — Institute for America’s Future Co-director Robert Borosage today came to the defense of millions of teachers advancing the cause of public education who were directly attacked by the Bush Administration. Education Secretary Rodney Paige called the nation’s largest teachers union a “terrorist organization” during a White House meeting Monday, according to the Associated Press. Democratic and Republican governors confirmed Paige’s remarks.

Borosage noted that the Bush Administration’s attack on the teachers of the National Education Association is echoed by its attack on our nation’s children and our nation’s investments in education. Less than half of all American students are graduating from high school ready for college, work and citizenship. The Bush Administration believes in instituting reforms to solve this problem without the needed resources. The Institute for America’s Future believes education in America should be improved and expanded to guarantee the right to a high-quality public education to every child.


I know President Bush wants to run as a wartime president, but this is ridiculous. Our public school teachers protect millions of children from the terrors a lack of education brings. They are not terrorists.

Secretary Paige is clearly confused. He is attacking the NEA because the teachers are outraged that the Bush Administration is failing to fund education adequately while imposing mandates on schools across the country. But the NEA isn’t alone in that. Republicans in Utah condemn the lack of funding too. Are those Republicans terrorists?

The only terrifying thing in education is the Bush Administration’s budget which projects huge education funding cuts in the next five years.


**NOTE: Media representatives who would like to talk to advocates for public education upset about today’s “terrorist” reference should contact Toby Chaudhuri at 202-955-5665 x133 or by mobile phone at 978-884-8626.**