The Institute for America’s Future has served as a convener, strategy center and incubator for the progressive movement. Many of the programs and proposals that are at the center of today’s economic debate were either started or nurtured through the Institute’s work.

  • We launched the Apollo Alliance that enabled labor, environmentalists and community leaders to speak with one voice on energy and jobs. The Apollo Alliance helped put the concept of “green jobs” on the national agenda.
  • We established Health Care for America Now! to support the passage of health care reform and monitor its implementation. “
  • We successfully fought the conservative effort to privatize Social Security during the Bush administration, then created Social Security Works to protect and improve the economic status of disadvantaged and at-risk populations.
  • We anchored the coalition that passed the largest college funding initiative since the GI Bill.
  • We played a key role in launching a new, independent “American Dream” movement, providing the underpinning for its message of “jobs, not cuts.”
  • Our signature conferences have gathered activists and leaders from across the country to frame core issues and highlight progressive capacity and leadership.
  • We commissioned polls, published reports and launched initiatives such as a “Jobs, Not Austerity” statement signed by 350 eminent economists, to successfully demonstrate that the people and the experts side with progressive economic policies.

We have reached millions of people – and built an engaged community – through our daily emails, posts on our website, teleconferences and briefings, where we disseminate progressive responses and policy prescriptions for a sustainable course forward.