Big Ideas To Get America Working

Isaiah J. Poole

Big Ideas to Get America WorkingWhat would a bold jobs agenda look like? The task is not simply to give the economy a stimulus, as if we were giving a charge to a dead car battery. We need to rebuild the engine and modernize the wiring, creating a new strategy for America in the global economy. We asked our writers and contributors to lay out the "big ideas" and framing you can use to push a jobs-first agenda to the forefront of the national debate.

The Jobs Question
By Robert Borosage
August 16, 2011

President Obama is, in the lingo of the day, “pivoting to jobs.” His bus tour through the Midwest began the process, with the president recycling his current jobs-lite agenda: payroll tax cut extended, infrastructure bank, trade deals, tax cuts for companies that hire veterans, and patent reform—“things the Congress could do right now,” but nothing near the scope of the need. Read more »


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