Why We Demand Action On Economic Recovery Now

Conservatives are mounting a fierce counterattack against President Barack Obama’s economic recovery plan in the Senate. One congressional office reports that calls are running 100 to 1 against a bold recovery plan for Main Street.

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On this page we’ve collected some of the best commentary and talking points that you can use in advocating for a true economic recovery plan, one that will:

  • Generate millions of new jobs and make an immediate down payment on clean energy, modernized infrastructure, better education and more affordable health care.

  •  Help states and cities keep schools open, police on the streets and other essential services operating.

  •  Provide help to those hit worst by this crisis — the unemployed and the poor.

House passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act in the first days of the Obama administration was a bold first step to address the economic crisis, one that puts us on the path of progressive change. Conservatives in the Senate continue to react with their mindless obstructionist reflex. They’ve been citing fictional reports, mischaracterizing the views of Obama’s aides, and distorting what’s in the actual legislation.

The truth is, we’ve already tried tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, and that didn’t work for ordinary Americans. Instead of conservative efforts to weaken the recovery bill, we need the Senate to push for an even bolder spending plan to repair the damage done by years of failed policies and jump-start the Main Street economy.

Our challenge is to overwhelm their lies with our strength in numbers, and let Congress know what the majority wants. The louder our voices are, the more likely Congress will be emboldened to expand the package and make it even more progressive.