Summit Launches Movement to Demand Jobs

On March 10, 2011, the Campaign for America’s Future held the Summit on Jobs and America’s Future. Economists and organizers, labor and business leaders and civic reformers met to build a movement to hold leaders accountable for creating jobs.

Solutions discussed at the Summit include:

• Rebuild national infrastructure. Set up an infrastructure bank and expand public transit.
• Change the financial system to reward job creation, not gambling.
• Create green energy jobs.
• Change policies to encourage companies to Make it in America – and institute currency reform.
• Support for Reps. George Miller and Keith Ellison’s Local Jobs for America Act to create jobs in communities.
• Invest in education and research and development, and expand broadband access

While some of this agenda would aim at long-term, sustainable job creation, summit speakers also called for action to quickly spur job creation in the public and private sector. What they called for included:

1. Ending the destructive budget cuts – and attacks on public employees.
2. Aid to states to prevent layoffs of teachers and police and other critical workers.
3. An emergency infrastructure investment program – to put people to work building things we need, such as roads, bridges and energy systems.
4. A new focus on making things in America and currency reform so that countries like China will buy what we make.

At the summit, the Campaign for America’s Future released an article called "Jobs Now: A Call for American Economic Renewal" by co-director Robert Borosage.

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