Progressive Wedge Issues for Cities and States

For years, conservatives used “wedge issues” to split moderates from progressives. It's time to promote some progressive wedge issues and our best opportunities for both publicity and passage are in states, cities and counties.

Republicans Feeling The Climate Squeeze

It is becoming increasingly unacceptable, even among Republicans, to defend the "hoax" line. We are moving toward a climate debate over how to solve the problem, not whether there is a problem.
Bill Scher

Pipeline to Nowhere

There are many good arguments against the $8-billion pipeline on environmental and labor grounds. Here’s another reason why the pipeline shouldn’t be built: It’s a waste of money.
Emily Schwartz Greco

Yes, Mitch McConnell Is Killing Coal

Neither the natural gas boom that is crowding out coal, nor the worldwide push for lower emissions is going away. The world is moving and Kentucky is standing still, because McConnell is keeping Kentucky stagnant.
Bill Scher

Give Up, GOP: Climate Change Is The New Gay Marriage

They got burned on gay marriage. Now Republicans risk getting burned on climate. Just as there were signs in 2004 that Republicans were on the wrong side of history, so are there today.
Bill Scher

How Capping Carbon Can Create Millions Of Jobs

It's important to know we can save the planet without much, if any, net cost. It's also important to know we can save the planet and create millions of jobs, if we are willing to pay for it.
Bill Scher

Start Climate Summit Week Right: March.

The People's Climate March appears on track to be largest climate march in history, and possibly the most consequential, if it can pressure the U.N. to forge a real agreement to collectively cut our greenhouse gas emissions.
Bill Scher

Want to Save the Planet? Flood Wall Street.

It would be a grave mistake, for the planet and for ourselves, to overlook Sunday's Flood Wall Street rally, which will target the role of global capitalism in our environmental crisis.
Richard Eskow

A Simpler Solution to Climate Change

In her powerful new book, "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate," Naomi Klein finds that humanity has no choice but to ditch its fossil fuel-driven global economy for a local model powered by renewable energy.
Emily Schwartz Greco

“Carbon” Introduces Short Film Series on Climate Crisis

If you want to know how bad the climate crisis is, and what you can do about it, check out “Carbon”; the first in a series of short films aimed at exploring crucial issues related to the climate crisis.
Terrance Heath

Solar Power Gets Hot, Hot, Hot

With so many homeowners and businesses making greener energy choices, private utilities see the writing on the wall. They're trying to coax lawmakers into rigging the rules against increasingly competitive new energy alternatives.
Emily Schwartz Greco

How To Leap Frog Carbon…

The world is going solar. It’s the only option we have if we want to save the human race from a climate disaster. So, let’s start treating it like that, by investing in a secure energy future for America, and the rest of the world.

Six Things You Need To Know About the Science of Global Warming

There is nothing controversial about the work of climatologist Michael Mann, director of Penn State’s Earth System Science Center. Here are six things he’d like you to understand about the scientific consensus on global warming.
Joshua Holland

Cutting Carbon Creates Jobs!

This week, the President announced plans to cut carbon emissions by 30 percent by 2030. In addition to fighting global warming, this plan will protect millions of people from harmful pollution, and could create a ton of new American jobs.

The Risk For Republicans In Fighting The Cap On Carbon

With the EPA out strong with a creative rule designed to avoid negative economic impact, and with sharp prebuttals against attacks about lost jobs and higher bills, Republicans may want to take heed before overplaying their hand.
Bill Scher

Denial Is Not A Policy.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are not only denying climate science – they're actually blocking the Pentagon from taking any action on it. Once again, House Republicans have gone too far.

Eight Pseudoscientific Climate Claims Debunked by Real Scientists

As a public service, we gathered eight of the most common of the pseudo-scientific climate change arguments and asked some scientists — widely-published, working climatologists — to help us understand what makes these claims so misleading.
Joshua Holland

Can The New Populism Save The Climate?

As progressives gather in Washington on May 22 for the New Populism Conference, to shape and organize around a populist agenda, it's worth discussing if and how populism can be harnessed to save the planet.
Bill Scher

The Gulf – Four Years Later.

This past Sunday was the fourth anniversary of the BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. The oil isn't gone. The environment isn't restored. Residents' lives aren't back to so-called “normal.” Yet, BP claims that they fixed the Gulf.

Time Is Running Out.

This week, government officials and climate scientists from all over the world are meeting in Berlin, Germany, to finalize a U.N. study on climate change and its solutions. A draft of the study has released, and it's pretty stunning.

C’mon America… Let’s Keep The Lights On

It’s time for America to leave the 19th century behind, and keep the lights on. We're still using the model of giant, centralized power stations to distribute electricity over long distances. This is bad for a number of reasons.

A Serious Party Takes Climate Seriously

When Sen. Ted Cruz wanted to talk to the nation about health care, he read "Green Eggs and Ham." When 30 senators seized the Senate floor last night for an all-night talk-a-thon about climate change, they delivered the facts.
Bill Scher

How Much More Proof Do We Need?

West Virginia is dealing with another coal-related toxic spill, and people are finding out the hard way about the real dangers of fossil fuels. This is the third coal-related spill in a single month. How much more evidence do we need ?

Barack Obama: Climate Realist

"Climate change is a fact," said President Obama at the State of the Union. While that was directly lobbed at climate deniers, it was also implicitly aimed at those environmentalists who have been critical of his support for natural gas.
Bill Scher

ALEC Needs To Let The Sun Shine In

Why would the ALEC network of right-wing state lobbyists want to kill off incentives for using solar energy? Could it be the heavy investment in fossil fuels by one of ALEC's chief funders, the Koch brothers?
Isaiah J. Poole

Climate Politics Will Be Brutal In 2014

Progressives may be feeling pretty good these days. De Blasio ascendant. Summers thwarted. Republicans imploding over ObamaCare. Well, here's a jerk back into harsh reality.
Bill Scher

America Deserves A Solar Manufacturing Industry

America used to have a thriving computer-chip manufacturing industry. Now China does that. America deserves to have a solar manufacturing industry, even if the "serious people" say this should end up in China, too. This is about jobs.

New EPA Chief Nails It

"Climate Change Isn't an Environmental Issue. It Is a Fundamental Economic Challenge." Above is the first speech from Gina McCarthy since Republicans stood down from filibustering her nomination to head the EPA.
New EPA Chief Nails It
Bill Scher

How About Coal Ash For School Lunches?

House Republicans just passed a bill to strip the Environmental Protection Agency of authority to regulate coal ash. Maybe they plan to “save money” by putting it in school lunches? […]
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