Bezos Confronts Pecker, But Is Still a Greedy Di*k

Jeff Bezos deserves props for standing up to blackmail by The National Enquirer’s  publisher, David Pecker, who threatened to print sexually explicit pictures and texts of the Amazon founder if he […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 122

Charters Push Public Schools to the Brink

When striking Los Angeles teachers won their demand to call for a halt to charter school expansions in California, they set off a domino effect, and now teachers in other large urban […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 84

Clean Energy Is A Human Right

Our planet is being pushed to the brink. Pollution burns our lungs and our children fall sick while those who profit from dirty energy show no signs of relenting. The […]
Ben Ishibashi
  • 231

America Is Already Socialist, And That’s a Good Thing

During Donald Trump’s State of the Union speech, many of the old, white, Republican Senators and Representatives must have gotten more exercise than in weeks, jumping to their feet to […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 221

Trump Offers Cold Comfort to Immigrants

While Trump didn’t follow his dictatorial instincts in his State of the Union speech to declare an “emergency” on the U.S.-Mexico border – yet – we know what the real […]
Mehrdad Azemun
  • 399

Trump Invokes Compassion to Justify Violence

During President Trump’s State of the Union address, I was enraged by his racism, his rampant lies, his narrow self-interest and his twisted and cruel vision for our country.  None […]
Jessica Juarez Scruggs
  • 64

Get Ready for 100% Just

Since its founding, People’s Action Institute has been organizing to address the climate crisis and put people and planet first. In 2018, climate organizers came together and co-created the next […]
Leigh Friedman
  • 79

For Iowa’s Sake, Steve King Must Resign

Communities like mine are dying. Steve King, the congressman who supposedly represents us in the Fourth District of Iowa, should be fighting for us in Washington. Yet he stays mostly […]
Julie Duhn
  • 192

In Solidarity with Jussie

In reading about the racist and homophobic attack on 36-year-old actor Jussie Smollett, I was plunged into deep sadness. I stand in spiritual solidarity with Jussie – I cannot be […]
Jacqueline Bediako
  • 260

Teacher Strikes Shift Politics of Charter School Agenda

The emergence of charter schools as an important consideration in teacher collective bargaining agreements, and the recognition of charters as a form of privatization, are two major developments in the […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 92

Why the ‘Ideas Primary’ Matters

U.S. presidential contests may seem never-ending, but if the debate is about policy – instead of personality – is that such a bad thing? The 2020 presidential campaign began long […]
Robert Borosage
  • 387

Could Elizabeth Warren Be The Next President?

Over the past ten years, I’ve written hundreds of articles on topics from Medicare For All, voter suppression, Constitutional law, to Trump’s gold-plated toilet.  None has generated more excitement than […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 397

The Indignity of Work Without Pay

In the midst of the longest government shutdown in history, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown this week launched a “Dignity of Work” listening tour. The Democratic senator who just won reelection […]
Leo Gerard
  • 168

Organizing To Win Governing Power

As we enter a perilous period in American history, with Donald Trump’s bottomless insecurity fueling white supremacy and fascism on the one hand and environmental Armageddon on the other, there […]
James Mumm

Trump Violates Law by Taking Putin Notes

The Washington Post has reported that Trump “has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 40

How New Yorkers Hold New Politicians to Their Word

November’s Blue Wave didn’t only take place on a federal level. Democrats flipped hundreds of state legislature seats, including in New York, where they took control of the Senate for […]
Negin Owliaei
  • 148

It’s Time For A Homes Guarantee

Our nation is in a full-blown housing emergency. Today, a person working full time in a minimum-wage job cannot afford a two-bedroom apartment – anywhere in the United States. More […]
Tara Raghuveer
  • 314

Tax Dollars Can Buy Happiness

Corporatists have sought to shame two clear-eyed lawmakers in recent weeks for daring to offer prescriptions to cure America’s rampant economic anxiety.  “Stupid” is what they tried to call new […]
Leo Gerard
  • 123

Trump’s Delusion About the Wall That Never Was

Three weeks have passed since Donald Trump shut down much of the government because Congress won’t give him $5.6 billion in taxpayer money to build 200 miles of his illusory Wall […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 36

Showing Up at the Border for Our Shared Humanity

Two thousand years ago, a young mother and father fled for their lives and left everything behind for the safety of their child. Their names were Mary and Joseph. I […]
Sara LaWall
  • 108

Justice Demands We Free Cyntoia Brown

The facts of the case are simply horrifying: Cyntoia Brown was a child of 16 in Nashville, Tennessee when she was sex-trafficked by a pimp named “Kut-throat.” Just days after […]
Elder Leslie
  • 270

Our Housing Crisis Needs Action Now

Our nation is in a housing crisis that’s getting worse. We need action from our lawmakers now. That’s the message I traveled to Washington with People’s Action housing activists from […]
Linda Armitage
  • 86

A Green New Deal Must Be 100 Percent Just

Excitement is building among environmentalists as Washington prepares for the arrival of new lawmakers elected by the #PeoplesWave. Led by New York Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, these insurgents promise to infuse […]
Ben Ishibashi
  • 161

If Democrats Fracture, This Will Be the Fault Line

Should Americans treat the nation's super rich as a distraction from more pressing concerns or a clear and present danger? No question may more deeply divide the opposition to Donald Trump, and the answer to that question, Gallup polling suggests, has changed significantly at the Democratic Party's ...

America Wants Health Care, Not Walls

In November’s midterm elections, no issue played a larger role in fueling the People’s Wave that elected a record number of progressives to Congress than health care. It was the […]

Eight Holiday Gifts American Workers Need

It’s that time of the year – the most wonderful time of the year, they say, the hap-happiest season of all. There’ll be parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting and […]
Leo Gerard
  • 226

How This Grinch Steals Democracy

Someone forgot to tell Republicans that Holidays are about giving to others, not to themselves. We saw this last year, when they queued up to give themselves a giant tax […]
Djuan Wash
  • 224

What Teacher Walkouts Changed in Our Politics

Even before the votes from the recent midterm elections were completely counted  – a process that took nearly two weeks in many races – numerous prominent news outlets were quick […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 315
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