1. One Percenters Get Their Own Special Social Welfare Deal


    The IRS took five years to review the Crossroads GPS application for nonprofit social welfare status. Most Americans would need five minutes to determine that Crossroads is about politics, not social welfare.

  2. The Latest Tax-Scam Corporate ‘Inversion’ – Who Pays Instead?


    We the People of the United States, through our elected representatives in Congress, allow this. Or, to put it in today's reality: Billionaires and their corporations pay handsomely for a Congress that allows this.

  3. The Useful Idiots Of The Corporate Elite


    There are a whole lot of useful idiots in America. Yesterday, a caller called into my radio show, and echoed Congressman Paul Ryan’s recent comments, blaming the black community for poverty in America.

  4. Cut Corporate America’s Free Lunch, Not Food Stamps


    If Congress is serious about “fiscal responsibility," it should cut corporate America's "free lunch," instead of voting for even more painful cuts to food stamps. It would generate more revenue than pseudo-savings from cutting food stamps.

  5. Romney and Ryan: The Right Kind of “Welfare Queens”


    She's baaaaa-aaaack! The Romney/Ryan campaign has resurrected Reagan's "Welfare Queen." It would be laughable, if they weren't serious, if the stakes weren't so high, and if there weren't so likely to get away with it.

  6. Wingnut Welfare Climate Con


    Not that we didn't already know it, but the wingnut welfare industry is thoroughly corrupt and it turns out that one of the most thoroughly corrupt is the climate science skeptic sector:

  7. Coordinated Attack On Unions From Republicans And CorporateConservative Machine


    There is a big, behind-the-scenes fight going on in Washington over whether our country will continue to have a middle class or not. The forces of the 1% are trying […]

  8. Wall Street Welfare Reform


    By the time a good idea makes it to Congress — and actually gets some serious consideration — it is no longer an idea whose time has come, but one […]

  9. Right-Wing Shutdown of Ex-Im Bank Already Threatening to Kill Jobs


    Conservatives are using this Export-Import Bank issue to look like populist champions fighting against "corporate welfare" on behalf of the taxpayer. Don't believe it. This is part of a bigger attack.

  10. Should We Let The Tea Party Kill The Export-Import Bank?


    It is “crony capitalism” only if it is benefiting cronies. It is corporate welfare only if it helps corporations at the expense of the rest of us. The Export-Import Bank helps businesses and workers.

  11. The 10 Farm Subsidy Recipients Who Voted To Cut Food Stamps


    Thursday’s vote to cut food stamps embodies what House conservatives are all about: giving billions away in corporate welfare to the richest with taxpayer dollars. They are also about helping themselves.

  12. Progressive Breakfast


    Republicans Face, or Duck, Town Halls Sen. Jeff Flake faces angry crowd. AZ Republic: “U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake endured a brutal face-to-face confrontation with angry constituents Thursday as liberal voters […]

  13. Off-Shorers Should Shut Up


    Corporations that offshore jobs to make a few extra bucks follow a "Greed First" policy. Their CEOs should shut up and listen to the American job creators on the Jobs Initiative.

  14. As Trump Meets Tech CEOs, “Silicon Valley Rising” Calls For Resistance


    The coalition warns "Trump’s policies present a dire threat to the lives and well-being of workers and contractors across the tech sector ... be they immigrants, women, workers or Muslim Americans."

  15. Progressive Breakfast


    Big Oil Gets Bigger ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson named Secretary of State, faces tough confirmation. Bloomberg: “He would be the first oil executive to lead the State Department … Tillerson […]

  16. Progressive Breakfast


    Obamacare Divides GOP GOP divided on Obamacare strategy. Politico: “Lawmakers have proposed putting off the effective date of repeal from as little as six months to as long as three […]

  17. How Trump’s Grift Gave Government to the 0.01 Percent


    Trump was always a Trojan horse for the 0.01 percent. And now he's forming a government of, by, and for the very elites he campaigned against. The ruthless few are in charge now.

  18. AIDS Activists to Paul Ryan: “Your Budget Dreams Are Our Nightmare”


    Eleven AIDS activists were arrested Thursday afternoon while staging a sit-in at the office of Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. They were opposing plans to dismantle the health care programs that people living with HIV depend upon.

  19. Progressive Breakfast


    Trump to Indiana Trump to tout Carrier deal in Indiana today. NYT: “…Trump is scheduled to visit a Carrier plant in Indianapolis after the company announced it would keep 1,000 […]

  20. Progressive Breakfast


    Trump Previews First 100 Days Trump lays out initial agenda. Roll Call: “On the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the president-elect said he’d issue a ‘a notification of intent to withdraw’ […]

  21. Trump’s Infrastructure ‘Plan’ Is Really Just A Privatization Scam


    Trump's plan does not call for public investment in public infrastructure, nor does it call for hiring local construction companies using American suppliers and creating jobs for American union workers.

  22. Progressive Breakfast


    Some Warn Against Cooperating With Trump On Infrastructure Former VP Biden aide Ronald Klain tells Democrats Trump’s infrastructure plan is “a trap”: “…Trump’s plan is not really an infrastructure plan. […]

  23. Progressive Breakfast


    Sanders, Clinton Scrap In Michigan Sanders presses Clinton on Wall Street and trade in Michigan debate. NYT: “He portrayed Mrs. Clinton as an unapologetic champion of free trade for much […]

  24. The Volcanic Core Fueling the 2016 Election


    If you’re working harder but getting nowhere, and understand that the system is rigged against you and in favor of the rich, you don’t care about the details of proposed policies and programs. You just want a system that works for you.

  25. Progressive Breakfast


    Jobs Up. Rates Next. Steady job growth continues in November jobs report. NYT: “The American economy created 211,000 jobs in November … The unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent […]

  26. The GOP’s Can’t-Do Attitude


    The second Republican presidential debate shed light on why the GOP doesn’t want to do anything about climate change. Sen. Marco Rubio led the charge against shifting to green energy. That can't-do attitude could drown Rubio's home state.

  27. First They Came For The Ex-Im Bank…


    Republicans don’t believe that the American government should do things that make the American people’s lives better, so now they are threatening to shut down the whole government. Again.

  28. Progressive Breakfast


    Hillary’s Hybrid Student Loan Plan Hillary Clinton’s student loan draws from Democratic and Republican sources. The Atlantic’s Tyler Bishop: “Clinton’s plan includes much of [Sen. Elizabeth] Warren’s refinancing proposal … […]

  29. The Revolt Against the Ruling Class


    Political insiders don’t see that the biggest political phenomenon in America today is a revolt against the “ruling class” of insiders that have dominated Washington for more than three decades.

  30. Progressive Breakfast


    Hillary, Bernie Tout Donor Bases Hillary Clinton leads in women donors. W. Post: “The $47.5 million Hillary Rodham Clinton raised during her first two and half months as a presidential […]

  31. Seven Things You Should Know About Scott Walker


    Wisconsin governor Scott Walker has scored the biggest sugar daddies in the GOP presidential primary, but it may not be enough to get him the Republican presidential nomination, or the White House.

  32. The Rally to Economic Populism – Thanks to Bernie + Organizing. Hillary?


    Now, seemingly overnight, a new populist movement is dominating the political debate. The immediate reason is the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders, who is drawing huge crowds, raising serious money,

  33. Export-Import Bank Shut Down, China Gets The Business Instead


    Republicans have shut down the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank as of midnight, July 1. Germany, Japan, China and many other countries have similar agencies. Now they will be picking up that business.

  34. Scott Walker: Stadium Socialist


    Walker is beginning to lose conservatives over his support for $250 million in taxpayer funds on a new basketball stadium benefiting the billionaire owners of the Milwaukee Bucks, who don't even live in the state.

  35. The Word Missing From Rand Paul’s Announcement Speech: Cut


    Sen. Rand Paul wants to radically slash the size of our federal government and drastically limit its responsibilities. Oddly for a devout ideologue, he doesn't want to tell you that.

  36. Koch Network Takes On Export-Import Bank


    A New York Times op-ed calls for killing the Export-Import Bank because it helps American companies compete globally. A Times story reports that the anti-government Koch brothers network is behind the campaign.

  37. Progressive Breakfast


    Budget Votes Loom House faces delicate budget votes this week. Politico: “Some Republican deficit hawks will vote against the budget resolution. But Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) — who heads the […]

  38. Progressive Breakfast


    Cantor Move Typical Washington, But May Transform GOP Move to Wall Street typical. McClatchy: “The financial industry values the knowledge of Washington officials and politicians. Last year, former Treasury Secretary […]

  39. Republican Civil War Over The Export-Import Bank?


    Corporate Republicans want to continue the operation of the Export-Import Bank because it helps companies sell their products outside of the U.S. The “Tea Party” Republicans want to shut it down. What is going on?

  40. Progressive Breakfast


    WH Hosts Working Families Summit “Child-care issues move to political forefront as both parties position for midterms” reports W. Post: “A high-profile White House ‘working families’ summit Monday will focus […]