Fight Back for Energy Independence Over Corporate Profits

We were told hydrofracking would lead to energy independence and end wars for oil. Homeland Security? I don't think so. Instead, oil and gas companies now want to export our energy reserves to boost their own profits.
Lois Gibbs
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New NAFTA Must Put People and Planet First

Any renegotiation of NAFTA must include replacing the ISDS corporate court system, which tilts the playing field in favor of multinational capital, with strong standards that protect workers and the environment in every country.
Tobita Chow
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Preserving Public Lands in Montana and Beyond

Montana's Greg Gianforte and Ryan Zinke are are among the Republican lawmakers who feel empowered by President Trump to go out and take public lands for private use. Many Americans will make sure this doesn't happen, and here's why.
Bryce Oates
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There Is a Plan to Fix Infrastructure; It’s Not Trump’s

There’s broad agreement in our country, and across party lines, that we need more good jobs and to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The good news is there is a plan to get us there, but it's not the one Trump wants us to back.
Liz Ryan Murray, Ben Ishibashi
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Of Budgets and Beatitudes: The Pope Meets the Donald

Contrary to what some might have expected, the universe did not explode in an antimatter fireball when these two opposites came together. Nevertheless, the Pope’s dissatisfaction, and their different views of justice, are plain to see.
Richard Eskow
  • 148

How Compassion Becomes Contempt in America

We need to do more than assail the heartless new Trump administration budget. We need to understand its deep roots in our chronic and continuing maldistribution of income and wealth, and the ways we justify this inequality to ourselves.

The Great Betrayal: Donald Trump’s Budget

Donald Trump’s FY 2018 budget raises a long, fat middle finger to the working class voters who helped to put him in office; it's a stunning betrayal. Far worse is that it opens the door for Republicans in Congress to do extreme damage.
Robert Borosage
  • 343

Fed Up with a Budget Crisis, Illinois Citizens Take to the Streets

Joe Padilla and Egle Malinauskaite are part of a group marching 200 miles from Chicago to the Illinois State Legislature in Springfield. They hope to break a logjam that has kept Illinois without a state budget for more than two years.
Jeff Bryant
  • 321

Trump Reality Show Distracts From Dismantling Medicaid

The House’s American Health Care Act does more than roll back Obamacare: it ends a Medicaid program that works. It’s the single most effective form of “government” insurance that secures health care options for 62.3 million Americans.
Mark Trahant
  • 369

The Time Is Now to Stand Up for the CFPB

The Los Angeles City Attorney says the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was key to holding Wells Fargo accountable during the bank's massive fake accounts scandal. Now is the time to stand up to the GOP's assault against the agency.
Isaiah J. Poole
  • 266

How U.S. Firms Offshore Production, Then Pollution

On Earth Day, Trump tweeted that "Economic growth enhances environmental protection. Jobs matter!” His message was eerily similar to assertions in developing countries that environmental standards are less important than attracting jobs.
Yue Maggie Zhou
  • 301

Trump’s Global Gag Order: 5 Questions Answered

President Trump signed an executive order to slash the nearly $8.8 billion the U.S. spends annually to fight deadly diseases. The callous move makes millions around the world more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis.
Maureen Miller
  • 176

Trump Cuts Student Aid to Feed School Privatization

The Trump administration plans to cut programs for low-income school kids and college students to stoke the coffers of privately-operated schools and private lenders who profit from college debts.
Jeff Bryant
  • 214

Warren Skewers Mnuchin for Doublespeak on Breaking Up Banks

Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin for backtracking on promises the new administration would support breaking up the big banks, calling his doublespeak "bizarre" and "straight out of George Orwell."
Lauren McCauley
  • 196

Five Reasons Why Krasner Won

Civil rights attorney Larry Krasner's successful bid to become Democratic candidate for Philadelphia DA is a major victory for social movements fighting for racial and economic justice. Here are five takeaways from his win.
Lev Hirschhorn
  • 145

For Democrats, Resistance Trumps Ideas

Democratic Party luminaries say they want “new, fresh, bold, provocative ideas that can move us forward.” But when they gathered this week, they found it hard to focus on jobs, climate and how to get big money out of our politics.
Robert Borosage
  • 291

Why a Free Press Matters Now More Than Ever

That a reporter in the United States can now be arrested for doing his job, asking a public official about public business in a public place, should send a chill of dread through the heart of every person in this country.

Stop China’s Stealth Invasion of U.S. Aluminum

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer told the Senate he would firmly enforce trade law. That’s good, because he must stop China’s stealth invasion of the entire U.S. aluminum industry.
Leo Gerard
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What Progressives Should Demand From the FBI

Donald Trump will choose the next FBI director. We can't change that. But we have the power to imagine a nation run on principles of economic and social justice. That can, and should, include the FBI and its new leader.
Richard Eskow
  • 394

Kris Kobach Can Irreparably Harm Our Democracy

By purging minorities from voting rolls, Kris Kobach, Co-Chair of Trump's "Election Integrity" Commission, may have done more to steal the election for Republicans than Comey and Putin combined. Now he's getting ready to do it again.
Miles Mogulescu
  • 306

From Selma to Springfield: Why We’re Marching in Illinois

Over fifty years ago, my great-grandmother Birdia Keglar marched in Selma with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Today, I join marchers from Chicago to Springfield as we demand a budget for Illinois that puts people and planet first.
Martese Chism
  • 242

What Kind of FBI Do We Want After Comey?

The firing of James Comey from the FBI raises fundamental questions we need to ask now. Why do we have a federal police agency? How should its mission be defined? And, what kind of person should run it?
Richard Eskow
  • 134

This Mother’s Day, Help Black Mamas Get Free

A new national campaign is bringing Black mothers home from jail so they can celebrate Mother's Day with their families, and seeking to end the injustices of money bail, which incarcerates many just for being poor.
Xoai Pham
  • 132

Donald Trump Is Waging a War on Workers

On almost every measure, Trump is making life worse for the working class. His stunts and boasts claim credit for new jobs, but these stunts cover the reality: Trump is shafting the very working people who supported him.
Robert Borosage
  • 379

The ACA Is a Matter or Life or Death for Our Family

The truth about how health care saves lives is pouring out at Town Hall meetings across the country. Michigan's Ed Weberman tells how the Affordable Care Act saved his son’s life, and how it inspires him to fight to save others' lives, too.
Ed Weberman
  • 362

What Is the Purpose of School Choice?

Proponents of school choice claim it's not about results. Choice is for choice's sake, they say. But choices parents make about their children's education don’t just affect their children; they affect us all.
Jeff Bryant
  • 214

Trump ‘Signing’ Statement Risks Funding for All Tribal Housing

Language President Trump attached to his recent signing of the omnibus spending bill that just passed Congress targets federal programs that serve American Indians, Alaska Natives, as well as those that fund historically black colleges.
Mark Trahant
  • 31

Trumpcare Is Really Trump-Don’t-Care

No, there’s no caring in the GOP health legislation. It’s all politics. They promised for seven years to repeal Obamacare. Now that they control all branches of government, they’re intent on doing just that, no matter who they hurt.
Leo Gerard
  • 307

What’s At Stake When We Talk About Healthcare

Citizens everywhere are asking hard questions to the 217 Republicans who voted in Congress to repeal Obamacare. People's Action's Julie Chinitz offers tips on how to talk with friends, family and our leaders about why healthcare matters.

In France, Neoliberalism Defeats Neofascism… For Now

Neoliberal Emmanuel Macron has defeated neofascist Marine Le Pen to become France's next president. That's good news, but neoliberalism is part of what has fueled Le Pen's rise, so it's too early to break out the Beaujolais.
Miles Mogulescu
  • 88

How Trump Could Actually Stop Offshoring

U.S. Presidents have often leaned on government contractors to change the way they operate, as a condition to receiving tax dollars. On day one, Trump could have saved thousands of U.S. jobs. He didn't.
Chuck Jones
  • 269
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