Children Say NO! to Family Separations by ICE

Every child understands the pain losing one’s loved ones – even for a moment – can cause. So children have plenty to say about the U.S. government’s separation of thousands […]
Tim Wilkins
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We The People: Watch Live

People’s Action joins Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and many others in Washington, DC at 8:30-12 on June 13th for ‘We The People,’ a gathering of […]
Tim Wilkins
  • 169

All MPA-Endorsed Candidates Win or Lead in Maine Primary

The Maine People’s Alliance endorsed five progressive women in contested legislative primaries and Rep. Jared Golden in the Second District congressional race. According to initial results from the Associated Press, all of these candidates have won […]
Mike Tipping
  • 19

Wisconsin Progressives Score Special Election Upset Victory

 Wisconsin progressives won an important state legislative special election last night in Senate District 1, with the victory of Democrat Caleb Frostman. Frostman was endorsed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, […]
Matt Brusky
  • 376

Our Liberty Is Bound Together

Robert Suarez delivers these remarks on behalf of the  VOCAL-NY Action Fund at We The People, a forum of over a thousand activists from across the country with elected officials […]
Robert Suarez
  • 288

The Fight for Real Solutions In San Francisco

To outsiders, San Francisco may look like a glittering city on a hill: ethnically diverse, with tech dollars to fuel vibrant culture and progressive policies.
Emily Lee
  • 89

Voting For Justice In Las Vegas

My name is Tiara Moore. I’m a mother of five, and a voter. I’m also a felon. But that’s not going to stop me from using my vote to help others get what I never got – a second chance.
Tiara Moore
  • 342

Is the State Takeover of Jackson Schools a Step Forward or Back?

America’s ongoing saga to “reform” public schools is filled with stories of state officials taking over “underperforming” school districts. Recent presidential administrations, including Obama’s, have approved of such takeovers even […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 288

Charter School Industry’s Stunning Loss in CA Primaries

In reviewing the losers in this week’s primary elections in eight states, one shouldn’t overlook the charter school industry, which took a drubbing in the California governor’s race where its […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 255

Making Movement Politics Real in Iowa and Beyond

“Our fight to lift up a million Iowans didn’t end when the polls closed,” said Cathy Glasson last night, when she conceded her race in the Democratic governor’s primary. “We’ve […]
Hugh Espey
  • 36

Iowans for Glasson: We Are What Democracy Looks Like

Iowans do things their own way – especially when it comes to politics. I know: I’m born and raised in Cedar Rapids, and am a first-generation freshman at Grinnell College, […]
Abby Frerick
  • 112

Join Us To Keep Families Together

It’s not right. Infants are being taken from their mothers. Families are being separated, and parents charged as criminals for sheltering children from violence. These courageous parents are doing the […]
Luz Sosa
  • 244

New Charter School Plan Should Alarm the Nation

Charter schools already have a segregation problem. But a new law about to pass in North Carolina would direct even more taxpayer money into funding charter schools that by design, […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 18

How Trump and the GOP’s SCOTUS Screw Workers

Many  have observed, correctly, that the Supreme Court’s recent 5 to 4 decision upholding forced arbitration for employees is a “devastating blow” to the rights of working people. This decision […]
Richard Eskow
  • 352

Cynthia Nixon Takes On the Test-And-Punish Regime

One way New York gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is challenging voters - and her rival, incumbent Andrew Cuomo - is by pushing to end the unfair and inaccurate rating of teachers based on how their students score on standardized tests.
Jake Jacobs
  • 375

Trade Negotiations Require a Steel Spine

The first concern of a US president should be the millions of jobs Americans lost because of China’s predatory trade practices.
Leo Gerard
  • 383

Will Teacher Uprisings Change Democrats?

Anyone wondering whether teacher uprisings this spring will influence party politics and elections in November should look at what’s happened in this year’s primaries so far. Most prominent among primary […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 262

Idaho Voters Rise Up Together

Change is coming in Idaho: candidates are finally starting to pay attention to people who have been forgotten and left out of the political process, who now demand politicians be accountable to them.
Adrienne Evans
  • 155

NC Teachers Shout ‘Listen to Us!’ to Lawmakers

Why does it take shutting down thousands of schools to get political leaders’ attention? What is this “dialogue people haven’t been wanting to have”? The gap between what goes on in schools and what gets decided in state capitals and Washington D.C. has gotten way too wide.
Jeff Bryant
  • 100

There’s No Political Machine That Can’t Be Beat

When they started their race for the Pennsylvania State House, everyone told Summer Lee, Sara Innamorato and Elizabeth Fiedler they could never win. It was a longshot, people said. They […]
Daniel Doubet
  • 359

Yes, Collusion

A large proportion of Donald Trump’s tweets and speeches vehemently claim there was “no collusion” between Trump and/or his campaign and agents of the Russian government. (The Washington Post counts […]
Miles Mogulescu
  • 10

Why Primary Fights Are Good for the Democratic Party

Primary season is underway, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has faced growing backlash to its heavy-handed interventions on behalf of some favored candidates. Texas Democrat Laura Moser is running […]
Robert Borosage
  • 307

Real Corruption: The Scott Pruitt Story

Question: Which of these scandals should result in EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s removal from office? A) his cushy, poorly documented, below-market rental deal on a lobbyist friend’s Capitol Hill townhouse; B) […]
Richard Eskow
  • 46

We Can Build an America That Works for All of Us

I’m stepping up to run for Congress because I’m sick and tired of working my heart out to support other people working their hearts out to not get any further ahead. We can fight for a politics that work for all of us. So that’s what we’re doing, and we’re doing it deeply.
Jess King
  • 33

Providing a Chance for a Better Way of Life

Paulette Jordan, candidate for governor of Idaho, speaks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. on April 24th, 2018. Jordan, a former member of the Coeur D’Alene Tribal Council, […]
Paulette Jordan
  • 361

Primary Day: Lessons for Democrats

Pundits should avoid, at all costs, the sin of “premature evaluation.” The May 7 primaries did not send a simple or unambiguous message. One thing remains clear, however: In November, […]
Richard Eskow
  • 203

Charter Schools Threaten the Existence of Public Education

Proclaiming May 6-12 National Charter Schools Week, President Trump kicked off a huge public relations campaign by the charter industry to ballyhoo the supposed success of these schools, although that […]
Jeff Bryant
  • 139
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