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I think this quote wins The International House of Pancakes Award for Most Creative Waffle:

“I don’t necessarily think that just by voting for the budget, you’re signing on” to his proposals, said Missouri Representative Jo Ann Emerson…

Of course, silly. Why would anyone assume that a vote for a budget would suggest you support all the things in the budget? Everyone knows you’re only being polite.

To be charitable to Rep. Emerson, it is typical for a congressperson to support a piece of legislation that includes items one does not support, because compromises are necessary in life.

But a “yes” vote at minimum shows support for the bulk of the legislation. And if the congressperson isn’t just trying to have it both ways, there is some obligation to actually do something to alter the parts he or she claims to oppose.

I’ve yet to see Rep. Emerson, as well as the other Republican congresspeople who are grousing about the leadership making them take this budget vote today, publicly say which part of it they don’t want to sign, let alone actually craft an amendment that would make the budget more to their liking.

And it certainly wouldn’t be sufficient to say come election time, “Well, I voted for the budget but I don’t agree with all of what Rep. Paul Ryan proposes to do with Medicare.” Dismantling Medicare is the heart of the Republican budget! If that’s what Rep. Emerson and other squeamish Republicans are trying to get away with, I suspect they will be rudely awakened.

I’m sure several GOP congresspeople will want to distance themselves from smashing Medicare into bits because the public reviles the idea.

But the only way to distance yourself from it is to vote against it. Today.

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