Mitt or Santorum It Hardly Matters

Don't get too distracted by the fissures in the Republican electorate revealed in Tuesday night's Iowa caucus vote. On basic economic issues, in fact, the candidates are remarkably united; there's hardly eight votes worth of difference between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.
Isaiah J. Poole
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For 2012 Lets Restore Our Industrial Commons

David Brancaccio’s Marketplace story Tuesday, Decline of Kodak offers lessons for U.S. business traced the decline of Kodak and the loss of Rochester, NY’s good, middle-class jobs to Kodak’s failure […]

Pentagon bought 1 million counterfeit parts from China

America’s defense supply chain put at risk by purchase of counterfeit, salvaged products from China. The U.S. Department of Defense has been buying counterfeit electronic parts from China. A Senate […]
Steven Capozzola
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Republican Candidate Manufacturing Forum

After a decade of Republican policies that dearly cost the country’s manufacturing sector, Republican Presidential candidates today offered ideas for reviving our country’s jobs engine. Unfortunately those ideas are the […]

The Week of Walking Backwards

As the Occupy Wall Street movement spread across the nation last week, politicians in D.C. flipped the bird at protesters – including those camping in Washington’s McPherson Square. Here’s how: […]
Leo Gerard
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China Currency Fight In Congress

The fight to get China to stop their currency manipulation is heating up. China keeps its currency very low, giving their goods a huge price advantage even before all their […]

Seeking a Trade Rule Enforcer

Leo Gerard will be addressing the Oct. 3-5 Take Back the American Dream conference about the “Contract for the American Dream” and how we can “Stop Outsourcing the American Dream.” […]
Leo Gerard
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On China Did Huntsman Blame America First

In last night’s Republican Presidential debate, former US Ambassador to China and Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman was asked about Gov. Mitt Romney’s call to confront China over their trade policies. […]

So You Want To Talk About Jobs

Before leaving on vacation President Obama said he is going to talk about creating jobs in September. The latest word is he will give this speech next week. Campaign for […]

Heres A Deficit To Worry About

Washington is in a Fox News tizzy about budget deficits. But even though the budget deficits were clearly caused by tax cuts for the rich, huge military spending increases and […]

Trade Deficit Blows Up

There was (yet more) bad economic news this morning. Reuters: US trade deficit grows to 31-month high. While oil takes part of the blame, the problem is not all oil: […]

Debt-Ceiling Deals Cuts Could Crash Economy

Negotiating with crazy people is always a bad idea and negotiating with hostage-takers is dangerous. But negotiating with crazy hostage-takers is worse than dangerously bad. The “debt-ceiling” deal being negotiated […]

Buy American Jobs

Efforts by those who never want to hear someone say, “Bye-bye American manufacturing,” converged coincidentally to make June Buy American month. First, at the forceful urging of U.S. Sen. Bernie […]
Leo Gerard
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That’s the word I’d use to describe the recent leadership of both Political Parties on American jobs, and especially factory jobs. The only development on Monday more depressing than President […]
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Gingrich Calamity Newt Asks the Right Question

Less than a week after launching his presidential campaign, Newt Gingrich’s candidacy has already been declared "done" and "over" by conservative pundit Charles Krauthammer. Gingrich’s mouth—always faster than his brain—has […]
Robert Borosage
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Its The Economy Stupid Version 2011

Within a week, as the news and analysis of Osama bin Laden’s demise fades, the American people will focus once again on the issues that matter most to their daily […]
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Why Trump Gets Traction From Trade

Donald Trump is getting traction. He is talking about trade, jobs, China, manufacturing, China, jobs, China and China — and it is resonating with a public sick of being told […]
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