Manufacturing a Middle Class with Quality Jobs

At Netroots Nation, Rep. Dan Kildee showed he "gets it" about manufacturing. "Facts should invade a conversation [about] this 20-year experiment with unbalanced trade agreements. We need to hold Democrats' feet to the fire."

Asian Steel Industry Eats America’s Lunch

We’re not seeking special deals, subsidies or handouts. We’re asking Congress to implement the trade laws to level the field of competition. If the same rules apply to everyone, U.S. industry can compete and win.
Leo Gerard
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What Is Currency Manipulation?

Inside of every country and every system there are competing interests. Investors want their own currency to be strong at any given time and manufacturers want their own currency to be weak at any given time.

Recipe for Ripoffs

The United States has inked free-trade deals with 20 countries over the past three decades. It’s now clear that this zeal benefits corporations while hurting the rest of us.

Lucky to Be Alive on Workers Memorial Day

Sometimes, corporations place profit above human safety. As a result, workers lose lives and limbs. Cooper Tire announced it will spend $970,000 to improve safety. That’s good. But it comes too late for the two workers who are now amputees.
Leo Gerard
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Rebuild Our Economy By Reducing Our Trade Deficit

President Obama said he would create one million new manufacturing jobs. The President has not met his goal, but we can still reduce unemployment, create new good manufacturing jobs, and reduce our trade deficit all at the same time.
Matt Murray
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Want 5.8 Million New U.S. Jobs? Do This.

A report released by the Economic Policy Institute says we could create millions of new jobs and speed up economic growth if we act to end global currency manipulation. Simple as that.
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