Behind the GOP’s Unhealthy Attack

The “nattering nabobs of negativism” haven't a hope of rolling back the Affordable Care Act. So why are they beating this dead horse? Could those taxes on the richest Americans that are helping to pay for it be fueling this madness?

“Universal” Is Not An American Value. Never Has Been.

We are generally quite content to live in a country with vast disparities in rights, health, wealth and security out of some outdated fealty to "states' rights." And that lies at the root of so many of our problems.
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Drilling Into America’s (Lack Of) Dental Coverage

Millions of Americans put off visiting the dentist because of the increasing cost of dental care. Last year, I became one of them. In pain, and in need of dental care, I was shocked to find out how little my dental insurance covered.
Terrance Heath
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They’d Rather Die Than Be Wrong About Obamacare

It doesn't matter if they'll save money and get better coverage; they just know they're going to die. These people simply put their fingers in their ears and sing "lalalalala."
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Playing Politics with People’s Lives

Another rural Georgia hospital is closing its doors as that state continues to block the Medicaid expansion. It's time for Republicans to expand Medicaid in every state, and stop playing politics with people's lives.

No Pill’s Gonna Cure GOP ill

No pill’s gonna cure Republicans’ ill. They got a bad case of hating Barack Obama. So bad that they’re intent on taking health insurance from millions of Americans in an attempt to wound the President.
Leo Gerard
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Obamacare and the Right-Wing Fight for Indentured Servitude

There’s an underlying pattern to policy positions "freedom"-proclaiming conservatives are taking. Each would rob people of their freedom to choose their jobs, negotiate their salaries, or decide how they want to live.
Richard Eskow
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CBO Report: Obamacare Will Make Us More Free

A dominant conservative narrative is that government saps our freedom. But good government can increase our personal choices and make us more free – freer to pursue our own individual paths.
Joshua Holland
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Sabotage In Plain Sight

Conservatives are pushing back at the charge they are sabotaging Obamacare. They insist it's just imploding all on its own (despite the fact that it actually isn't.) But in one case, they're just admitting it right up front.
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The Best of The Worst of the Right-Wing in 2013

From the second inauguration of Barack Obama to the latest skirmish in the “War on Christmas,” a steady stream of outrageousness flowed from the American right this year. Here are the best of the worst of the right-wing in 2013.
Terrance Heath
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The Other Side Of Health Care Scare Stories

You've probably heard the right's messaging that people have "lost" their health insurance because of Obamacare. But you haven't been hearing about the millions upon millions upon millions of people who have been helped.

Alec Is Planning For A Busy Year…

As long as politicians are bought and paid for, organizations like ALEC will have dangerous influence over the legislation that effects us all. It's time to put an end to the corporate control of Congress once and for all.

For Obamacare, Nothing Succeeds like Success

Despite its flawed roll-out, most Americans are willing to give health care reform time to succeed. That’s good news for Obamacare, because it’s already succeeding in states that have fully adopted it. And the success stories are multiplying.
Terrance Heath
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Another Way Obamacare Is Not Katrina

It's not only that Obamacare hasn't killed anybody. Bush made government dumber, and we got Katrina. Obama, by taking on health care, will make government smarter.
Bill Scher
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Why Obamacare’s Troubles Will Be Good For Liberalism

Panic today will be defused and forgotten tomorrow. We will not only be pleased with the final result, but we will also be better conditioned to tolerate a degree of initial imperfection, knowing that government has the capacity to work through it.
Bill Scher
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So, About Those Cancellation Letters…

We've reports of companies canceling insurance policies, and charging hundreds of dollars more each month to continue coverage. Well, it turns out that many of those cancellation letters were misleading.

Starving Them Out: Food Stamps and The GOP’s War On The Poor

The GOP’s hostility towards the poor and unfortunate has become an all-out “war on the poor.” The consequences of the painful cuts to food stamps taking effect today offer a glimpse of the casualties and collateral damage to come.
Terrance Heath
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How a Wildly Misleading Obamacare Horror Story is Born

Far too many breathless news stories about insurance plans being “canceled” or people facing “sticker shock” fail to convey even the most basic context: this is almost exclusively a phenomenon of the individual insurance market.
Joshua Holland
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The Great American Ripoff: The High Cost of Low Taxes

The American people pay a similar amount for social services as citizens of European countries with supposedly lavish social safety nets. But there are two significant differences.
Joshua Holland
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Softening The Sequester

It is a bit worrying that the White House has to explain virtually every day now that just because it sounds like White House officials and the president are putting entitlements on the chopping block doesn't mean they really are doing it.
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The Stupid Runs Strong When It Comes To Obamacare Hysteria

That they voted 46 times to repeal it, and shutdown the government to delay it should make the Republicans reluctant to pretend they are worried about how the Obamacare website is working. But shameless is their name and hypocrisy is their game.
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Yes, New Democrat Dogma Is To Blame

The rough Obamacare roll-out is a direct consequence of misplaced faith in neo-liberal solutions like means testing, privatization, and devolution to the states as the best ways to provide services at an affordable price.
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The GOP: Still “Letting Them Die”

Republicans are still targeting the Affordable Care Act, but their answer to the problems health care reform is already solving for millions of Americans hasn't changed much from that infamous audience response at the September 2011 GOP presidential debate.
Terrance Heath
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Today’s Villager Wisdom

Ruth Marcus fills us in on what constitutes "reasonable" now that the Republicans have proven themselves asses with their government shutdown. And, you guessed it, it's time for Democrats to compromise and agree to cut "entitlements."
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Note To Obamacare Critics

As I watch the talking heads all clutch their pearls over the insurance exchange website, I can't help but notice that none of them seem to know what's really happening out here to people who have to deal with the private insurance.
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New Proof The American Majority Supports Obamacare

When House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said on Wednesday, “We all agree that Obamacare is an abomination,” the “we” he was referring to certainly was not the majority of Americans.
Emily Foster
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It’s All Over, Until Next Time

Remember in 2009, when Jim DeMint said health care reform would be President Obama's Waterloo? Four years later, defunding health care reform became the GOP's Alamo. But Republicans aren't done damaging their party, or the rest of the country, yet.
Terrance Heath
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