Dark Money Makes Our Politics Nastier

Mountains of money are flooding key races in the most expensive non-presidential campaign in history. To keep you up to date with the latest, we’ve rounded up some key campaign finance stories.
Joshua Holland
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Rev. William Barber’s New Book Reminds Us Why We Must Vote

With Election Day just two weeks away, Rev. William Barber's words remind us: "If we ever needed to vote, we sure do need to vote now!" His new book reminds us of the moral power of progressive values when we march "forward together."
Terrance Heath
  • 24

GOP Defrauds Voters

Voter ID laws prevent voting by people Republicans detest, the derided “47 percent” that GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney spit on. Republicans are robbing citizens of the fundamental right to vote. It’s criminal.
Leo Gerard
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Eric Cantor Goes To His Reward

Everyone understands that government officials who “play ball” can get a huge paycheck after leaving government if they help certain big businesses while serving in government.

Why Did Rand Paul Run Away?

Sen. Rand Paul's immigration proposal is an incoherent mess that can't stand real scrutiny. When faced with an undocumented immigrant who's life is on the line, Paul decided to flee the scene.
Bill Scher
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‘No Labels’ Gets A Label – And It’s Not Pretty

Ahhh, the ongoing dream of a "radical centrist" revolution. For some reason it always ends up doing absolutely nothing except make money for the people who sell it as a way to keep the rabble in line.
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Julian Castro Must Now Uphold Fair Housing

One of Juliàn Castro’s first official acts as the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development should be to make concrete the Department’s duty to promote fair housing throughout its programs and activities.
Alan Jenkins
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Why the Sterlings Matter

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling doubled down on bigotry this week, disparaging NBA icon Magic Johnson for his HIV-positive status. But his racist remarks were no anomaly.
Alan Jenkins
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Can Democracy Tame Plutocracy?

We are headed into a reckoning. We know that the rules are rigged in Washington, as the powerful protect their interests from the many. The question is can the people take back their democracy?
Robert Borosage
  • 100

Supreme Court Right-Wingers Poison Majority-Rule Democracy

The Supreme Court asserted that billionaires have a First Amendment right to spend as much as they want on politics. The court said that supersedes the right of the majority to a democracy in which their lawmakers can’t be purchased.
Leo Gerard
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McCutcheon, the Majority and the Challenge of Our Time

This latest Supreme Court ruling is a decisive battle in a determined and wealthy minority’s war against the popular will. And the people will continue to lose  – until the rules of engagement are changed.
Richard Eskow
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A March In North Carolina For The Soul Of America

There is a growing populist resistance to the conservative extremist agenda, and Saturday's Moral March on Raleigh was designed to launch the next phase of a nationwide push-back against tea-party Republicans.
Isaiah J. Poole
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A Bill To Return Power To The People

You know names like Koch and Adelson. The Government by the People Act would work to reduce the power of special interests and big money in our elections. And you can be a citizen co-sponsor.
Richard Long
  • 29

Democracy and the Christie Phenomenon

Why do people like the bullying tough guy types such as Chris Christie? Are they looking for someone to "take charge" in a world in which they feel a loss of control. Maybe. But can he get a majority to vote for him?
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Corporations Control Our Lives…

Business should be here to serve American needs, not control us and commercialize everything that we do. We must shift the power back to actual people. Only then can we stop the cycle of putting profit before people.

Urgent Fast Track Trade Deal Alert

Fast Track should be as much of an electoral test for progressives as Social Security is. Progressives have to make this a line that cannot be crossed. This is about democracy vs big-corporate dominance of our economy and society.

Alec Is Planning For A Busy Year…

As long as politicians are bought and paid for, organizations like ALEC will have dangerous influence over the legislation that effects us all. It's time to put an end to the corporate control of Congress once and for all.

Huge, Huge Victory For Political Sanity Today

Kids, don't say Harry Reid never did anything for you. He and the Senate Democrats just ended the use of the filibuster for executive branch appointments and lower court judges. Right-wing dominance of our judicial system will be diluted.
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Right Wing Moneybags Organizations Are Multiplying Like Rabbits

I guess it's to be expected. When you have as much money as the upper 1% have, this stuff is just pocket change. They might as well follow their bliss. And corporations can fund their pro-corporate agenda and get a nice tax write-off.
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