The Uh-Ohs: A Decade of Conservative Failure, Pt. 2

Terrance Heath

“Haven’t we already given money to rich people … Shouldn’t we be giving money to the middle?”

— President George W. Bush in November 2002, acknowledging to advisors that he knew his tax cuts were giveaways to the super-wealthy. (Source.)

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If you were among the wealthiest 1-2% of Americans, it was the best of times. For the rest of us, it was “The Uh-Ohs,” a decade of conservative failure and its aftermath. From the government surplus in 2000 and the ill-advised and poorly planned wars that helped transform it into a deficit, to the stagnant economy and growing economic inequality we face today — none of it just happened and none of had to happen.

It was all consciously chosen — a direct consequence of conservative politics and policymaking — and about 99% of us are worse for it.